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Education & Performance Presentations


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Call it a Clarinet One More Time: The OBOE

Would you play an instrument you had to virtually build from scratch every day? Presenting an insightful and often humorous PowerPoint Presentation, Sherie Aguirre offers her distinct perspective on the life of a professional oboe player. With an oboe and a laptop, Sherie offers the layman an inside glimpse of the fascinating and often infuriating world of this double reed instrument. Listen and learn how Ms. Aguirre and thousands of other oboists create sound on one of the most difficult instruments in the world. 

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Orchestra Auditions: From Both Sides of the Screen

Bring your calculator - there’s math! With humor and insight (and decades in a professional musician’s seat - still!) Virginia Symphony Principal Oboist Sherie Aguirre presents an insider’s look at the audition process of the professional orchestral musician – from both sides of the proverbial audition screen that separates the candidate from the adjudicating committee. From the professional journeys of mentors and colleagues as well as her own, Ms. Aguirre lays out the hurdles and the multifarious variables in the infinitely subjective – and ever evolving – audition process in the world of classical musicians. Hint: This ISN’T America’s Got Talent.

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Oboe Recital
with Piano Accompaniment

Sherie Aguirre has been with the Virginia Symphony and the Virginia Opera since 1987. After her graduate studies at Northwestern University in the 80s, Sherie was immediately recruited for the Principal Oboe position with the just-born Singapore Symphony. Two years later she moved to the La Sinfonica de Maracaibo Symphony in Venezuela, then to La Sinfonica de Tenerife in the Canary Islands, and ended her European stint with La Sinfonica de Madrid in Spain. Returning to the US, Ms. Aguirre performed with numerous ensembles around the country, including summers in Boulder, Colorado with the Colorado Music Festival, performing and recording several CD’s with the Palm Beach Chamber Music Festival in Florida, and of course eventually settling in Norfolk as Principal Oboe with the Virginia Symphony, with whom she appears regularly as soloist, and performs frequently in the Chamber Music series of the Virginia Arts Festival. Ms. Aguirre maintains a private teaching studio full of young, local, talented oboe students in addition to fulfilling adjunct faculty positions at William & Mary College and Old Dominion University. In 2022 Ms. Aguirre will launch Sherie’s Reed Room, an interactive, virtual resource center for students and professional oboists alike.

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