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JUNE 22-29, 2024

1pm - 5pm every day

AUGUST 17, 2024

1pm - 5pm every day

When you click a green box above to reserve your chosen date, you'll be directed to an email with that date in the Subject field.  In the body of the email, please tell me a little about yourself and I'll get back to you personally with next steps.

"Due to the uniqueness of every handmade reed, no two players will ever produce an identical tone on the oboe. This is true even if the two players use the same oboe with the exact same reed! The purpose behind making our own reeds is not to create another level of difficulty for the oboist, but to bring out the best qualities of the oboe and the oboist's individual and unique voice. Reed making, while challenging in the early stages of learning, eventually becomes a very personal endeavor for each oboist. The more knowledge gained in the reed making process, the greater challenge there is to perfect it.

The reality is there is no such thing as the perfect reed… but we're always on the lookout!"

  - Sherie Aguirre



The only way to learn how to make reeds is to dive right in. Learn to make your own oboe reeds from beginning to end. This five-day class provides 15 of the 10,000 hours required to become a master reed maker! We also cover basic instrument adjustments and knife sharpening. Tool kits will be available for purchase with everything needed to begin the journey of making your own reeds.


Building on the reed making fundamentals from our Beginner class, we now speed up the process, and do it better! This five-day session includes perfecting knife techniques, enhanced understanding of parts of the reed, and troubleshooting reed refinement adjustment - everything that pertains to advancing your reed making skills. Cane and select tools are available for purchase.



This single day, three-hour seminar is for reed makers of all ages and abilities who already have a good understanding of the reed making process and now seek further insights and some concentrated reed making time! Bring your tools and cane (we can supply more of the latter if you need it) and spend a few hours with other reed makers in a stimulating learning environment.

After you've sent your Reservation email by clicking your date, and we have chatted, 
please scan the QR code below to pay your balance with VENMO.

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