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An Interactive Virtual Reed Making Community for Oboe Students

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Welcome to Sherie’s Reed Room!

A FREE Virtual and Interactive Oboe Reed Makers Resource Center

Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app that's used by tens of millions of people (ages 13+) to talk and hang out with their communities and friends. Sherie's Virtual Reed Room on Discord provides an online experience for guidance and expertise on reed making for oboe students at any level.

STUDENT Reed Room Membership Benefits:

  • Private Lessons for Reed Making

  • Seminars with renowned principal players

  • Seminars with Oboe Repair people



  • Recruiting Tool

  • Student Access to Reliable Information

  • Opportunity for Private Reed Making Sessions


Instructions to Access Discord

  1. Go to the Discord website to download the appropriate application for your computer (Mac or PC).

  2. Create your personal account with your phone number, email.

  3. Find the Add Friend button in the top navigation and send a connection invitation to saguirre#7796.

  4. Sherie will accept and send you an invitation to Sherie's Virtual Reedroom.

Coming soon:

Master Classes with some of the best professional reed makers and oboe repair technicians!


Sherie Lake Aguirre was Principal oboist of the Virginia Symphony and the Virginia Opera for 36 years. Ms. Aguirre has held principal positions with the Singapore Symphony, La Sinfonica de Maracaibo, La Sinfonica de Tenerife, and La Sinfonica de Madrid. She appears regularly as soloist with the VSO and performs frequently in the Chamber Music series of the Virginia Arts Festival.

"To Measure... or Not to Measure"

with Sherie Lake Aguirre

Everyone has experience with Dial Micrometers at some point in their reed-making process. The question is, how much measuring is done, and when? Ms. Aguirre will discuss her process of how and when to measure a finished reed.


1. Dial Micrometer

2. Reed knife

3. Plaque

Check back soon for updates on this special offering!

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