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 I was feeling very emotional yesterday, too - a mixture of sadness, but also the knowledge of the  great joy and deep artistic satisfaction that working with all of you has given me. How did I get so lucky to be able to spend so many years with the VSO?

I think you have known all these years how much I have cherished your artistry, your excellence and your deep understanding of music. You have been the beacon of greatness in this orchestra and have inspired everyone who plays here.


Your gorgeous sound and exquisite playing has defined the orchestra in so many ways, and you have set the highest bar of oboe excellence for me.

Thank you for being my extraordinary colleague and friend.

With love and the greatest musical memories,


Since 1997, the Virginia Arts Festival has transformed the cultural scene in southeastern Virginia, presenting great performers from around the world to local audiences and making this historic, recreation-rich region a cultural destination for visitors from across the United States and around the world. Mrs. Aguirre performs frequently in the Chamber Music series of the Virginia Arts Festival.  


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